I wanna draw couples but I also want to draw Haikyuu so tell me ur favorite ship from Haikyuu?


day 2 is crows and i didn’t really know what to do i’m so sorry


i’d disown him too sorley

my oc jez is a deformed, bloodthirsty hell-demon naturally but passes herself off as a female version of "tall, dark, and handsome" but sometimes forgets to play the part bc she has anger issues

Leonard is most definitely a villain. Even if he’s saved a few lives. And has a policy on not hurting innocent civilians. And really only targets certain corrupt heroes.

he’s a bad guy okay don’t tell him otherwise

my oc always wears a smile to hide his true intentions and to keep people from getting close to him

my oc Ryan became a perpetual smiler to be more like his (dead) friend. It comes off more creepy than soothing most of the time

one of my ocs is a master of wind instruments!! :>

Radomir still knows how to play piano from lessons his parents made him take as a kid. He doesn’t like it very much unless he’s showing off tho

tell me a thing about your OC and I’ll tell you a related one about mine

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got four newborn puppies in my house!

tumblr stop that

I reblogged a bunch of lifting pictures from you, nice art! I really appreciate it.

aaaaaAAah thank you! I really appreciate you ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_ ka-wink

prototype designs of maybe stickers!these were normal until i talked to my editor

prototype designs of maybe stickers!
these were normal until i talked to my editor


I’m sorry I have to trouble you guys with this but I’m coming to a point in my life where I’m really desperate for some help;;;. I’m living a personal hell right now that includes college expenses, health insurance, having to get an ultra sound, a lost bus pass, getting kicked out and a potential divorce between my mom and abusive father.

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I feel really bad about this whole mess and so I’d like to try to offer something as thanks for your guys help :c  If you donate $10 OR MORE  I’ll doodle a chibi for you, any character of choice! But you MUST note me the name or email associated with your paypal account along with what you would like. If you do not contact me in some way shape or form I will assume you would like to pass on the offer.


Those who venture to Rabbit Island, seldom return. [video]


Those who venture to Rabbit Island, seldom return. [video]

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Whoa cuties

wheezes th ank you!!